22 July Wins Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize

At the Göteborg Film Festival on Wednesday, Sara Johnsen was named winner of the 4th Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize in honour of her outstanding work as lead writer of NRK drama 22 July (22. Juli). Fierce competition came from fellow nominees When The Dust Settles, The Paradise, Happily Never After, and Caliphate.

22 July tells the story of people who through their work and professions were affected by the terrorist attack in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011. Featuring fictional characters, but based on meticulous research, it’s a story about the systems that shape our daily lives and who we are when tragedy strikes.

The jury, comprising actors Jakob Oftebro (Kon-Tiki) and Moa Gammel (Jordskott), alongside journalist Cecilie Asker (Aftenposten) and Polish director Dariusz Jabłoński (The Pleasure Principle), said in their deliberation:

“Drama is a powerful tool, that should be used wisely. Especially when it comes to portraying stories inspired by real events. The jury was blown away by the bravery on how to tell a story respectfully and still grasp its emotional core. This year’s winner of the Nordic TV Drama Screenplay Award is: 22 July!”