30 Degrees In February | 30 Grader I Februari – Season 2


Oh and Glenn dream of becoming parents. Joy is forced to take care of mom and little sister Kajsa when life suddenly takes a turn. And what really happened to Majlis who disappeared in the great disaster?

Since Kajsa’s sudden death, Joy and Wilda are forced to return home to their father in Sweden, where the situation becomes increasingly untenable. Glenn and Oh dream of children but to adopt they must stay in Sweden. And how long can the Majlis manage to stay awat from the Thai authorities?

Glenn and Oh travel to Sweden to adopt. Anders follows his daughters to a Full Moon Party. And what should Majlis do with the child around her neck?

Glenn and Oh have their sights set on adoption. Majlis is wanted by the police and trying to shake off the orphanage girl Teng. And Joy and Wilda flee from their father Anders.

Anders has caught up with Joy and Wilda, but Wilda has a trick to make things a bit harder for him. Glenn invites the family to meet Oh. And Majlis takes the orphan girl Teng to search for her parents.

Dad Anders ate some funny mushrooms and is being looked after by the Thai police. Majlis takes Teng to an elephant safari and tries to leave her there. And Glenn is concerned that he and Oh must undergo a medical examination where they will find that she is a ladyboy.

Majlis wakes up on a mysterious island, and wonders who took her there. Joy refuses to follow Anders to Sweden. And Glenn and Oh have a Swedish wedding.

Wilda follows Johan to Kajsa’s island. Teng suffers from acute dengue fever and becomes seriously ill. And Glenn and Oh meet the mother of their prospective children.

Majlis and Teng become closer, while Oh has left Glenn and is returning to Thailand. Anders and Joy look for Wilda who is missing.

Glenn travels to Thailand to try to win back his beloved Oh. There he meets Majlis and Teng. And can Joy and Anders save Wilda from Johan’s claws?