30 Degrees In February Star Undergoing Cancer Treatment

On Friday, Kjell Wilhelmsen revealed to the magazine programme Go’kväll that he is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The actor, who plays Glenn in 30 Degrees In February, explained why it took six months for him to seek treatment.

Kjell had been living his life relatively normally for six months after noticing a pea sized lump in his breast tissue. However, when he mentioned it to his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer, she told him to seek medical advice.

“She knew it, and so she just said ‘you are going to the hospital tomorrow’… But guys don’t get breast cancer, I thought at the time.”

Four weeks later he was shocked to hear that he had cancer. Kjell has since undergone surgery to remove the right breast, but the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes, and so he is receiving chemotherapy. He says that he is worried about leaving his children, but his prognosis is very good.

Season two of 30 Degrees In February premiered last night in Sweden, central to which is the story of Glenn’s return home with his Thai partner Oh and the ensuing culture clash that they face together.