A Better Life In The Country For Jesper Christensen

Jesper Christensen (The Legacy) stars in Michael Noer’s powerful new movie A Better Life (Et bedre liv), which recently concluded filming on the Danish island of Zealand.

A Better Life is set in the Danish countryside during the 19th century where its inhabitants face tough conditions and, with the prospect of yet another harsh winter ahead, farmer Jens (Jesper Christensen) has a difficult decision to make.

If the family is to survive the winter, Jens must come to an agreement with the wealthy neighbour at a nearby farm, forsaking his morals and his most precious possession, in order to secure them all a better life.

The cast includes: Clara Rosager (En-to-tre-nu!) Ghita Nørby (The Kingdom), Elliott Crosset Hove (Winter Brothers), Magnus Krepper (Liberty), Gustav Dyekjær Giese (Heartless), Oscar Dyekjær Giese (Northwest) and Rasmus Hammerich (Flow).

Michael Noer’s feature debut was prison drama R in 2010, followed by gangster thriller Northwest in 2013, and Key House Mirror in 2015. However, he then found time to remake the Hollywood classic Papillon in 2017, before returning to Danish cinema for A Better Life, slated to premiere at the beginning of 2019.