Aber Bergen – Season 1


Erik and Elea, two of Norway’s most shrewd and persistent defense lawyers, were once married, but still work together In this character-driven courtroom drama. In the premier, Erik must defend his best friend, who is accused of murder.

The IRS have their heads in Aber Bergen’s accounts. Elea Bergen is preparing for a large lawsuit against Haukeland Hosp. A terminally ill, single mother was wrongly diagnosed and is about to die and leave her mentally ill child an orphan.

The tax audit at Aber Bergen creates marital turmoil. A case Erik Aber usually wouldn’t take involves the mayor’s advisor who allegedly cheated on his exam. He turns out to have a more checkered past than Erik had presumed.

Elea Bergen decides to take the case of a young asylum seeker, who turns out to have seemingly bad intentions. Newly appointed associate, Unn Frøynes, feels the wrath of partner Diana Drange.

The authorities believe they have found Linda Leland’s killer. Erik Aber is presented with a very difficult dilemma – can he defend the alleged murderer?

Bergen’s mayor is in the spotlight for sending harassing text-messages; Magnus Braseth takes the case. Erik Aber defends Linda Leland’s alleged killer. Diana and Unn’s relationship is becoming more difficult.

Elea and Erik find their son bruised and beaten. Magnus Braseth must defend the ex husband of a writer who just disclosed intimate details about him in her new book. Celebrity Bjarte Hjelmeland is in trouble.

Erik Aber has a though decision to make when he gets new information in the murder case. His son struggles with money problems while Diana start to make friends with the graduate.

The pieces of the puzzle around Bjørn Beck’s alleged suicide are falling into place, and Erik Aber gets some unexpected help. Jørgen’s problems at home are still towering. Aber Bergen prepares to take Elea’s father’s firm to court.

Erik Aber wakes up to his biggest crisis yet. Can Elea take over the case against her own father and defend her ex husband at the same time?