Aber Bergen – Season 2


A seemingly innocent man is attacked and kills one of his attackers in self-defence. With the help of Erik Aber the man is released, but new information makes Erik doubt his client’s innocence.

Things get heated in court when two hip-hop artists attack each other. Erik and Elea follows through on their deal with the director of shipping company Fjord Harvest, but not everything goes as planned.

Erik wakes up in jail after his desperate attempt to stop Elea’s unorthodox plan to save the company. In court, Elea defends a man on trial for fraud, but who is she really defending?

Erik Aber is assaulted by a police officer in disguise and realises that he’s getting in too deep. Nikolay Wallén and Unn Frøynes’ relationship is put to the test as they are forced to work together.

Erik and Elea’s son, Jørgen, surprises them with a visit, but the surprise is on him when he sees what they have been up to. Elea goes to settle things with the director of Fjord Harwest and confides in Diana for support.

Erik’s hunt for the missing boy continues, and Diana is forced to make a decision about her daughter. Jørgen is back from England to hear grandpa’s big announcement, but not everyone thinks that it is good news.

Erik has to attend court for his alleged drunk driving and gets his good friend and ex-co-worker, Magnus Braseth, to defend him. Overworked and without sleep, Erik’s mental health begins to suffer so he is forced to take a vacation while the human trafficking case moves towards court.

Erik is discharged and, despite wanting to go to a hotel, he drives home – but has he truly regained his sanity? Nikolay has his first day in court representing Fjord Harwest, and all is well until the press conference afterwards. The human trafficking case is about to start, and the prosecutor wants Erik to testify.

Erik lays all his cards on the table for Elea who discourages him from testifying against Milde. Unn discovers how serious Nikolays addiction is and tries to get him into rehab.

Justice or saving your own life? Erik has a choice; either to testify or not to testify. If he takes a stand against the human trafficking, he will have to justify his own actions which means incriminating himself.