Ack Värmland – Season 1


Anette (Mia Skäringer) is fired from the mill canteen so opens a pedicure salon called Anette’s Feet with her unemployed daughter Fanny. In addition, they both become pregnant with their boyfriends, Ola and Pontus.

Anette needs more help in the salon so she hires nail artist Sol-Britt. However, Sol-Britt’s treatments prove to be more popular than Anette’s, so Annette orders some fish for an exotic foot spa to curb the competition.

Pregnancy has made Anette hypersensitive to smells and so demands that Pontus should stop using snuff. Fanny is tired of Ola’s computer games and forces him to choose: her or the games. Ola doesn’t get a chance to choose because the bailiffs turn up unannounced and seize their apartment. Without a place to stay Fanny turns to her mom for help.

Anette tries to go back on her promise to sell half of the salon to Sol-Britt. The problem is that Sol-Britt recorded the conversation with Anette on her mobile. Fanny’s childhood friend Bea return to Sweden, making her jealous with her travel stories.

Anette’s ex-husband Janne turns up out of the blue. He has been evicted and claims that half of Anette’s bed is actually his. He is assisted by Pontus and Ola, and gives them some well-intentioned advice on how to gain the upper hand in their relationships. In the salon the atmosphere between Sol-Britt and Anette is cooler than ever.

Sol-Britt throws Janne out so he moves back to Anette, and starts his own business in her basement, with Ola as deputy manager.

Fanny has started a blog where she shares everything about her pregnancy, but Ola thinks that Fanny is writing about him. Ola’s strange behaviour leads Anette to suspect that her daughter’s boyfriend is a bit dim, and asks Pontus for help in getting Ola back to normal.

Ola thinks that it is unfair that Fanny gets all the sympathy just because she is pregnant and decides to pretend that he has hurt his foot. Janne starts a sourdough hotel. Anette and Pontus check in to the hotel for a night of passion, where they unexpectedly meet some acquaintances.

Fanny thinks that Anette is too sour and negative, so Anette signs up for a course in positive thinking. Pontus is worried about what will happen when he becomes a father and asks Ola to provide them with a paternity mentor. But the father of five who Ola hires might not be the best candidate for the job.

Anette has had enough of being overcrowded, so when the house next door goes up for sale, she suggests that Fanny and Ola should buy it. Unfortunately, Sol-Britt is also eager to move and she does not intend to back down in the bidding war with Ola.