Acquitted | Frikjent – Season 1


1. Coming Home
Aksel Borgen was a teenager when he was acquitted for the murder of his girlfriend, Karine, and subsequently left town. 20 years later, after becoming a successful businessman in Asia, Aksel has returned to save a local firm. His homecoming reminds people of the terrible murder remains solved, and Aksel realizes that he is not welcome in Lifjord.

2. The Fight
Aksel doesn’t want to give up the fight for controlling interest in Solar Tech. More and more people in the village are starting to see Aksel as an asset to the company and are willing to forget the past, rather than keeping old resentments alive. The Hansteen family is divided as to whether it is better to go bankrupt or sell to the enemy.

3. The Rift
Aksel is forced to remain in Lifjord until he has found a new leader for Solar Tech after Eva decides to leave the company. A conflict arises in the Hansteen family and Lars’ loyalty to his mother is tested when he is offered the post of CEO. Aksel’s family was hit hard when he disappeared and Tönje seems to be his only friend in the village.

4. The Unveiling
When Angeline and her son Tim come to Lifjord, Aksel has to tell his wife about Karine and the past, but avoids saying the whole truth. Eva is determined to find something the police overlooked that might be enough to resume the case against Aksel.

5. Doubts
Angeline no longer believes that Aksel is innocent, and to convince her he needs Tönje’s help. William is looking for a new investment opportunity, and eyes the hotel. Eve tries to get Eric to testify that Aksel gets violent when he drinks.

6. Rebuilding
Angeline wants to leave Lifjord, but after receiving revealing images of Karine, Aksel decides to take up the hunt for the killer. Solar Tech must make cuts and Lars will be forced to fire his friends. Eva continues to seek evidence against Aksel.

7. The Settlement
Aksel is still searching for the person who took nude pictures of Karine, and his suspicions toward Per Olav become even greater when he finds out that he is violent towards his girlfriend Annie.

8. The Escape
Aksel finds that more people have lied to him about the details of what happened on the night that Karine was killed. He suspects himself as the killer and is determined to leave Lifjord.

9. Dishonesty
The police look for Aksel’s bloody t-shirt from 20 years ago. The case takes an astonishing turn when an unexpected person turns himself in to the police for murder. Eva’s behavior frustrates and concerns the family.

10. Truth
Tönje and Aksel continue their affair, and he realizes that he will have to choose between two lives. After an unexpected confession and a surprising DNA test result, police are confident that they have found the murderer. Eva, however, feels that something is not quite right.