Sara Hjort Ditlevsen


Sara Hjort Ditlevsen is a Danish actress. She got her breakthrough in the role of Katrin in the TV Show Performances. In 2010 she was nominated for the Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and in 2013 she received the Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in Excuse Me.

Ditlevsen's mother is a school teacher and her father is a physicist. She has two sisters, Amalie and Lea. Ditlevsen lived with her family in a commune until the age of 15. After she graduated High School she moved to Berlin for a year after which she moved to Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

2012: Helene - Undskyld jeg forstyrrer
2013: 2 piger 1 kage
2009: Sofie (as Sara Hjort) - Vanvittig forelsket
2015: Maria - Dirk Ohm: Illusjonisten som forsvant
2016: Sarah - Al Medina
2012: Anna - Mellem træerne
2015: Victoria - Heaven
2020: Mia - Breeder
2017: Julie - SHIFT!
2017: Gertrud - Beskyt deres egne
2009: En historie om en pigetrio
2012: Pernille - Bewilderbeast
2019: Signe - Ser du månen, Daniel
2009: Dagen efter
2013: Stine - Borgman
2012: Lina - Talenttyven
2018: Sophie - Comic Sans

2012: Molly Madsen - Rita
2017: Louise Falck - Below the Surface
2018: Therese Waldman - The Lawyer
2017: Rose - Perfekte steder