Agatha Christie Mysteries Get Scandinavian Makeover

The company behind Before We Die, B-Reel Films, has struck a deal to adapt Agatha Christie’s work into Swedish for TV4. The series will be penned by a team of British and Swedish scriptwriters and is set in Scandinavia.

Head Of Development for B-Reel Films, Patrik Andersson, told Variety: “Our show will be a contemporary, edgy and cinematic take on Agatha Christie. It will mix Nordic Noir and Agatha Christie’s famous whodunit plot construction.”

Co-founder of B-Reel Films, Fredrik Heinig, added: “Agatha Christie is a huge brand name and Nordic Noir is a proven genre, so combining both elements gives us a very attractive package to work with.”

B-Reel are also developing a second season of Before We Die, which seems likely to be greenlit.