Alain Darborg Lines Up Don’t Move Thriller

Alain Darborg, the up-and-coming director behind hit Swedish crime drama Alex, has announced that his next feature film will be survival thriller Don’t Move.

Don’t Move centres on medical student Ali who volunteers for the night shift at a Californian zoo. But after a rescue mission goes awry, she finds herself trapped in the anaconda enclosure. It’ll take all of Ali’s willpower and intelligence to survive until morning with a hungry predator chasing her down and nowhere to hide.

Alain Darborg said: “Do you remember the feeling of becoming an adult? It squeezes the breath out of you, it’s a long series of trial and errors and hard reminders about the harsh reality of life. Well this film is about that. Becoming an adult, and about a young woman that has to try to beat extreme physical and psychological obstacles to survive.”

“We are aiming to deliver something to audiences they have never experienced before. A high octane, action-packed film about the difficulties of growing up.”

Don’t Move is set to begin filming by the end of the year, after Darborg has completed the first original Swedish film for Netflix, Red Dot, which is currently in production.