Alba August Uncovers Intrigue In Knutby

Alba August (The Rain) and Aliette Opheim (Thicker Than Water) take centre stage in Knutby, a six part tale of murder, greed and power based on the novel by Jonas Bonnier which premieres next month on C More.

21-year-old Anna (Alba August) moves from Småland to Knutby in Uppland ready to start her new life in its small Pentecostal church with pastors Eva (Aliette Opheim) and Sindre (Einar Bredefeldt) at the helm . For Anna it feels like home – a place full of warmth, love and faith in God. Could she have found her place in the world?

But soon the idyllic facade that surrounds Knutby begins to crumble and reveals a web of intrigue where deep-rooted and dogmatic religious beliefs are combined with power games and a sex cult that ends in a tragic crescendo.

Knutby, written by Fredrik Agetoft and directed by Goran Kapetanovic, premieres 1st November on C More and 11th November on TV4.