Corrupt cop Alex Lekko is crushed when he accidentally kills his partner and best friend, Martin. Plagued by guilt, Alex decides to go straight.

Alex visits BG in prison hoping to buy himself out of their arrangement. But BG has a demand – someone in his gang is a police informant, and he wants Alex to find out who it is.

After his son is kidnapped, Alex spends the night trying to extract information from every criminal in town, while his anger and anxiety is exacerbated by line after line of coke.

BG wants Alex to focus on finding the informant so sends one of Simon’s fingers in the post as a reminder. This makes Frida realise that she must help her colleague.

While BG’s men are about to kill Simon, Ivan gathers enough courage to help his nephew escape. But BG’s men are hot on the trail, and Alex is forced to risk his life to get there in time.

Alex decides to own up to everything to bring it all to an end. But when Alex enters his weapon into evidence, the bullet doesn’t match the one that killed Martin.