Alexandra Rapaport Brings Honour To Viaplay

Viaplay has announced eight-part crime thriller Honour (Heder), created by Sofia Helin (The Bridge), Alexandra Rapaport (Gåsmamman), Anja Lundqvist (Alex) and Julia Dufvenius (Modus).

The series stars Alexandra Rapaport, Anja Lundqvist, Julia Dufvenius and Eva Röse (Maria Wern) as the four partners of Swedish law firm Heder, who are committed to defending the victims of injustice and sexual crimes in particular.

The firm comes under pressure when a routine case has unforeseen consequences, leading to threats, violence and public recriminations. But how can the truth ever come to light when the lawyers themselves are hiding the darkest secret of all?

Sofia Helin told Drama Quarterly: “They have a common past that brings them together for life that they try to avoid. The big philosophical question is: is it possible to pay for your guilt or what you’ve done by doing good things?”

Honour premieres across the Nordic region on Viaplay in autumn 2019 and will air later on TV3.