Alicia Vikander Dragon Speech Praises Sisterhood

Alicia Vikander returned to her old home town on Friday to be presented with the 2018 Nordic Honorary Dragon Award during the opening ceremony of the 41st Göteborg Film Festival (26th January – 5th February), where she underlined the importance of the #metoo campaign.

Vikander opened by saying: “Göteborg Film Festival, you both trained and introduced me to the world of film, and this art form today is my passion. And it really feels like coming home, being here today.”

She then went on to discuss what the #metoo campaign has meant to her: “Strong women are alone, as women, on the big screen. The roles we play are against strong men. I’ve played four leading roles in a row, and didn’t have a single scene with another woman.”

“Instead of getting frustrated, I told myself to focus and that I can be part of change. Not alone, but together with others… It isn’t just about men versus women, it’s about us, women to women… We are sisters, not competitors, and with sisterhood comes play and creativity.”

Vikander concluded her speech by paying tribute to her mother, Maria Fahl Vikander, who is in a short film by Jonas Dorsz Håkansson: “I’m going to finish by talking about my mom. Today, she is not only a festival visitor but also a guest and actor in the film Ja må hun leva, which premieres this evening and I think that’s something worth applauding.”

The Göteborg Film Festival will honour Alicia Vikander with a retrospective of her work, and on Saturday she will attend the Nordic premiere of her latest film, Euphoria, which competes for Best Nordic Film.