Star Ensemble For Wedding Funeral & Baptism

A star-studded ensemble cast has been revealed for new C More drama Bröllop, begravning och dop (Wedding, Funeral & Baptism), directed by Colin Nutley (Heartbreak Hotel), which began filming this week.

Following his debut for C More in 2016 with Missing (Saknad), Colin Nutley returns with a four-part mini-series set in a small Swedish town where two families meet at a wedding. A dramatic event then unfolds that leads them to a funeral and a baptism.

The ensemble cast includes Helena Bergström, Maria Lundqvist, Molly Nutley, Angelika Prick, Philip Zandén, Johan H: son Kjellgren, Marie Göranzon, Jan Malmsjö, Peter Harryson, Andreas T Olsson and Alexander Karim.

This is the first time that Helena Bergström, Maria Lundqvist and Colin Nutley have been reunited since their 2005 comedy Heartbreak Hotel in which two women who cavort their way through Stockholm’s nightlife and begin to examine their relationships with men.

Helena Bergström said: “I love to work with Maria and to meet again in a Colin Nutley production is just a dream. There is a special chemistry between us where we really put ourselves out there and challenge each other with love and respect.”

Maria Lundqvist added: “Colin is the most playful and, with actors, the most caring director that I have ever worked with. He dares to push the limit on how to tell a story like no other director I have worked with. He is completely unique and I love working with him.”

Bröllop, begravning och dop premieres on C More in 2019 and will air later on TV4.