Alma Pöysti To Star As Moomins Creator

Alma Pöysti is set to play celebrated artist, author and Moomins creator Tove Jansson in Zaida Bergroth’s Swedish-language biopic Tove, written by Eeva Putro.

The film will focus on the period 1944 to 1956 in Helsinki when, as a young painter, Jansson pursued a career as an illustrator and author. Meanwhile, during that tumultuous decade, she also began passionate relationships with Finnish journalist Atos Wirtanen (Shanti Roney) and female theatre director Vivica Bandler (Krista Kosonen).

Producer Andrea Reuter said: “In the film, we see she was a passionate and wild woman who challenged the norms of the society she lived in. She loved both married men and women, she loved to party and she was constantly creative: painting, writing and drawing.”

Whilst this is Alma Pöysti’s first screen role, she has previously played Tove Jansson on stage in Helsinki, and director Zaida Bergroth is in no doubt as to her credentials: “I needed to find somebody who… could have actually created something as fantastical as the Moomins. Alma has it all: the intellect, the melancholy, the warmth and the flirting.”

Tove is currently filming in Helsinki and is slated for a theatrical release in Finland on 25th September 2020.