An Open Letter From Sofia Helin To Fans Of The Bridge

Sofia Helin has written an open letter which was published on Among other things, Sofia thanks fans of The Bridge, describes Saga Norén’s loneliness, and warns against political and religious extremism:

“Glad we managed to entertain you during the dark autumn evenings!

I am happy, proud and grateful for all the appreciation. The Bridge III is professionally the most demanding and challenging thing I have done so far in my life. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that our efforts touched the audience.

Saga Norén is different, difficult, demanding and rather nasty. If she were real not so many would like her. Many would not understand her. They would probably feel uncomfortable and maybe fear someone who is, and works so differently. They would not bother with her.

Inside many of us there is a sense of alienation, a sense of loneliness and of not really belonging. I think ultimately it’s that feeling that so many sympathise with in Saga. We wish that she could escape her great loneliness.

I also think that feeling is what creates the need of people to join extremism of various kinds, whether it’s about politics or religion. Those who disagree with us are against us. We think that if we are all the same and have a common enemy, then we are not alone. It creates an us and them way of thinking that is literally deadly.

I am pleased that so many seem to care about Saga and her loneliness.

The time we live in is dark but there is hope!”