Anders Refn To Direct Into The Darkness Sequel

A sequel has been announced for Into The Darkness (De Forbandede år), an epic World War II saga directed by Anders Refn that smashed the Danish box office in January with almost 300,000 admissions.

The first film opens in 1940 and Denmark is occupied by Hitler’s Third Reich. The consequences of this drive a wedge between members of the Skov family, particularly Karl (Jesper Christensen), the successful owner of a vast electronics factory and his son Aksel (Mads Reuther), who reacts against the increasing oppression and persecution of Jews and communists by joining the rising resistance movement.

The sequel, De forbandede år 2 – Opgøret, is set in 1943 and the Skov family is divided. Young Axel is no longer an idealistic amateur and has gone underground as he evolves into a die hard partisan. Meanwhile, Karl is fighting to save his business as the Collective Government collapses and Eva (Bodil Jørgensen) finds it increasingly difficult to accept her husband’s cooperation with the occupying power.

De forbandede år 2 – Opgøret, directed by Anders Refn, is expected to receive a theatrical release in early 2022.