Ane Dahl Torp Faces Dilemma In Storm

Ane Dahl Torp (Charter) is set to star in Storm, the debut feature by Erika Calmeyer (Twin) based on a script by Johan Fasting (Home Ground) which questions whether the unconditional love between mother and child is powerful enough to overcome anything.

Single mother Elin is on a fishing trip when her six-year old son falls into the river and drowns. She is left with her ten-year old daughter, Storm, and struggling to get their life back on track when a classmate claims to have seen Storm deliberately push her brother into the river.

The accusations quickly spread throughout their small community and Elin fiercely defends her daughter, but as her own narrative waivers she is forced to face the truth about what really happened that day by the river.

Erika Calmeyer said: “The impossible dilemma that Elin is confronted with in this story is something I have carried with me for many years. For me the film is about motherhood and how we can go to any extreme to protect our children.

“I am grateful that so many gifted people wanted to be a part of this and when we got Ane Dahl Torp on board as the lead it all came together. I am happy and proud to get the chance to tell this story.”

Storm is slated for a theatrical premiere in Norway in Autumn 2022 followed by an international release.