Ängelby – Season 1


Mother of two Vera has been left by her husband and lost her job in a single blow. She gets a job offer in another town, so packs the kids and a few essentials into the car and heads for a fresh start. Just before she arrives, she hits a boy. In a state of shock, she thinks that she has killed him…but has she?

Vera has started her new life in Ängelby. But what is this place? The boy she drove into is found to have died before Vera arrived. Who killed him and why? And who is the woman who has pictures of Vera posted on the wall and locks Torsten in the basement at night?

Torsten offers Vera the upper floor to open her own spa or gallery. Jesper’s mother Martha goes to the police. Does she know something about Jesper’s death? Vera gets the Ängelby parish book sent to her anonymously. Is there something in it that might help to solve the crime?

Torsten is still missing and not answering his phone. Vera goes to the hunting lodge to see if he’s there. The autopsy report shows that Jesper had smashed knuckles and wood splinters in them. Who did he fight before he died? A tragic accident turns Vera’s already muddled existence upside down.

Amos and Viveka make a discovery in Torsten’s hunting lodge. Did Vera really come to Ängelby by chance, or did someone want her there? Therese and Calle continue their reconnaissance for Jesper’s killer. Are Vera and Amos beginning to have feelings for each other?

Can it be true that Vera and Jesper are cousins? Vera meets his parents to find out how it all fits together. Therese gets Jesper’s CDs translated into Swedish, hoping that it may be helpful in the hunt for his killer? New discoveries are made at Hangöfältet.

Vera and John come together by chance and John says that it is the stone’s fault that Jesper is dead. Vera, Mark, and Jacob go to their childhood home to look for clues about their father’s investigation into the stone. Eva seems to know more than she is letting on.

Vera gets closer to the truth about her biological parents. Excavations of Hanko field shows that the people have been buried there for hundreds of years. Therese makes a discovery regarding the mysterious boy in the quilted jacket who is cycling around the Ängelby.

Vera tells Mark and Jacob that they are her siblings. Is it Vera that everyone in the village has been waiting for? Vera was heading to Brussels, but she might have a job to do here before she goes. But what is it that she must do?

Vera is mourning after a terrible event, then is confronted by a frustrated Amos Atlas who questions her plans. Rudi is on the run and confides in Britt-Louise. Therese and Calles relationship is complicated by their parents’ problems. Viveka begins to wonder what Amos is up to. The countdown has begun, but to what?

Britt-Louise goes to the police with new information and Jesper’s killer is arrested. Viveka still wants to work on the case. Rune and Åke puts pressure on Eve, who has her own plans. Britt-Louise is training a nervous Rudi for his mission. Vera says what she has been through for Mark and Jacob. She finally knows why she came to Ängelby and what they must do, but the brothers have different ideas. Ängelby does not agree on Vera’s role in it all.

Contradictions are revealed as Ängelby prepares for the big day. It’s time to choose sides. Rudi hesitates in his mission and a disappointed Britt-Louise asks for a favour. Eva has high hopes, while James and Markus disagree about what should happen. Rune and Åke stop at nothing to get what they want. Therese gets a visit that comes with an invitation. Vera learns how wrong everything can go, but needs something before she can fulfil her destiny. Everyone has been waiting for this day, but nothing will be as intended.