Anna Whitlock’s Story Only Inspires Miss Friman’s War

Miss Friman’s War (Fröken Frimans Krig) is based on the bestselling book ‘Swedish Home: A Passionate Affair’ by Monika Björk and Eva Kaijser, which details Anna Whitlock’s fight to establish the female cooperative Svenska Hem in 1905. However the series is sometimes criticised for being too loose with the facts.

Writer/ creator of the series Pernilla Oljelund fights back against such accusations: “This stunning book is available if you are interested in a true account of the facts. There are very, very interesting books available if you want to know. But this is a drama series.”

“It’s a character driven story that is inspired by what has happened, but also by what is happening today. This is why we have called the Anna Whitlock character Dagmar Friman. Anna Whitlock is definitely an inspiration because she started the reality of Svenska Hem. But we have never said that this is a portrait of her.”

Season two of Miss Friman’s War premieres on SVT at 9pm on Christmas Day. Set in 1906, the Swedish Homes grocery store has now become the secret meeting place for a group fighting for women’s suffrage in Sweden. But it’s still very much a man’s world, and new obstacles arise as the women battle for their rights.