Arne Dahl – Season 1


1. The Blinded Man – Part 1
High-flying financiers are being murdered and it is beginning to appear like the work of a serial killer. CID inspector Jenny Hultin puts together a team of top detectives to crack the case swiftly before there are more deaths and a national panic. One of the team, Paul Hjelm, is saved from a disciplinary hearing for shooting a hostage taker when he said he was unarmed. Together with his new colleagues he finds himself working 24 hours a day in shifts to find the killer quickly. They are A Unit and their pursuit of the Fat Cat Killer will expose tensions within the newly-formed group and put some of them in fear of their lives. And what do the financier killings have to do with the Estonian mafia and the discovery of a dead robber in an empty bank with a dart in his eye?

2. The Blinded Man – Part 2
A special police unit is set up after three businessmen are murdered over three consecutive nights. Detective Jenny Hultin leads the so-called A Unit to investigate the killings while the financial world panics. Under enormous pressure they attempt to solve the case before more finance officers are murdered.

3. Bad Blood – Part 1An American serial killer is on board a plane from New York to Stockholm. Without a proper identification and with great urgency, A Unit try to locate him before Sweden inadvertently imports a killer whose methods are bloodthirsty and can be traced back to the Vietnam War. After the killer enters Sweden he soon begins his killing spree. A Unit work in collaboration with the FBI in a desperate attempt to catch him.

4. Bad Blood – Part 2
A Unit continue to hunt for the Kentucky Killer, the infamous American serial killer who is now on the loose in Sweden. The FBI are called in to help with the investigation.

5. To The Top of the Mountain – Part 1
A Swedish family is on a road trip in Holland when their car is blown apart in a violent explosion. The man, woman and young child are killed instantly. The case is immediately handed over to A Unit to investigate. The man who was blown up was a police officer working undercover at a restaurant belonging to celebrity chef David Billinger. Billinger, a darling of the tabloid press, owns three top restaurants and is wanted by the police for suspected involvement in drugs trafficking.

6. To The Top of the Mountain – Part 2
Nyberg has been helping child abuse investigator Sara Svenhagen chase a paedophile ring and is disturbed by what they find. Chavez takes an instant shine to Nyberg’s new colleague and soon finds himself in romantic complications. Meanwhile A Unit’s ongoing investigation into a car explosion in Holland has led them to the shady dealings of celebrated restaurateur David Billinger and a Dutch criminal gang. Billinger is secretly on the trail of some money stolen from his restaurant but won’t tell anyone what he needs it for. The investigation into the goings-on at the restaurant has life-threatening consequences for the team, and even they are surprised at who becomes implicated as a suspect.

7. Many Waters – Part 1
When an illegal African immigrant is shot and killed by police, Kerstin Holm is assigned the task of interviewing the police officer. He happens to be her ex-boyfriend Dag Lundmark, who then disappears without a trace during the investigation. A burglar breaks into an apartment where he finds a body with a suicide note next to it. The letter leads to the discovery of two more bodies in a marsh in Varmland.

8. Many Waters – Part 2
‘A Unit’ discovers a link between the shooting of an illegal African immigrant, bodies found in a marsh in Varmland and an apparent suicide. Kerstin Holm tries to track down missing police officer Dag Lundmark on her own. Suddenly she realises that he has come across a terrible secret and is just waiting for her to find him.

9. Europa Blues – Part 1
Celebrated Jewish neuroscientist Leonard Sheinkman is found murdered, strung up from a tree in a Jewish cemetery. A group of women escape from an immigration board hostel, where they are being exploited as prostitutes, and flee the country. A body is found half eaten in the wolverine enclosure of a Stockholm zoo. Jenny Hultin’s ‘A Unit’ is called to all three crimes and soon their resources are stretched to breaking point as they follow up several macabre leads. Hultin pushes them hard as, unbeknown to the team, she is fighting budget cuts that would mean losing nearly half of them. Away from the office family lives are fraught – Arto Soderstedt, feeling the stress of raising five children, finds he has inherited three million Swedish kronor from a distant relative. His wife makes immediate plans to buy a holiday home. Paul Hjelm, busy reading Sheinkman’s war diaries for the investigation, is no closer to patching things up with his wife Cilla.

10. Europa Blues – Part 2
In pursuit of leads to help with the wolverine murder, Soderstedt is despatched to Italy where he encounters a dangerous Mafia boss. Soon he finds himself in Germany following up leads from the murdered Leonard Sheinkman’s war diaries, while also trying to unravel the mystery of the inheritance he has received from his uncle. Pushed ever harder by Hultin for results, A Unit’s investigation seems to have stalled unless they can locate a missing prostitute from the hostel, who did not flee the country with the other escapees. But the hostel manager remains tight-lipped. When the team finally do make a discovery it may have come too late for Soderstedt who, out in the field, is in mortal danger.