Arne Dahl – Season 2


1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Part 1
The A Unit is rapidly reunited to trace an assassin targeting Polish women in hiding in Sweden, but new recruit Ida struggles to fit in, while former member Paul Hjelm’s personal dilemmas cloud his work at Internal Affairs.

2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Part 2
Recriminations threaten to split the A Unit apart as the killer strikes again.

3. Requiem – Part 1
Kerstin is caught up in a murderous bank robbery by two Russians, but a third man’s participation proves puzzling, and the A Unit investigation suggests a Cold War connection.

4. Requiem – Part 2
Past secrets worth killing for are revealed as team members pursue the elusive men behind the crime.

5. Hidden Numbers – Part 1
Two Swedish girls are been found dead on the outskirts of Brussels, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths point to a vicious trafficking operation.

6. Hidden Numbers – Part 2
A member of the vice squad is shot and killed while out jogging, and Ida and Sara track the missing paedophile to a remote woodland location.

7. Afterquake – Part 1
A devastating explosion occurs on board a train travelling through Stockholm’s subway system, and the resulting devastation leaves Sweden in shock. It isn’t long before a fascist gang with ties to right-wing groups all over Europe claims responsibility for the attack in an anonymous message, and the A Unit quickly seizes the opportunity to trace the call, hoping to deliver swift justice. Meanwhile, Kerstin struggles to come to terms with the death of Bengt, and her working relationship with Paul suffers as a result.

8. Afterquake – Part 2
The investigation into the devastating explosion within Stockholm’s subway system continues. However, just as A Unit begins to close the net around the terrorist cell, another survivor emerges from the blasted tunnels, with crucial information that may take the case in surprising new directions.

9. Eye In The Sky – Part 1
A woman collapses in the street having escaped from captivity in a basement, with no knowledge of why she had been kidnapped in the first place. As A Unit investigates what little the victim is able to provide by way of evidence, Kerstin and her team manage to link the underground dungeon where the woman has been held to a drugs ring run by a pair of brothers.

10. Eye In The Sky – Part 2
A Unit’s investigations into a series of kidnappings and murders continue, and an unusual link between each case emerges in the form of a shared high-school experience. Meanwhile, Paul looks into the sudden and mysterious death of his newfound friend in the security services.