Artist Lola Arias Fires Allegation At The Square

Oscar nominated The Square has become embroiled in an argument between director Ruben Östlund and the namesake of a character used in his film.

The Square is named after an artwork created by Ruben Östlund and Kalle Boman, but in the film it is attributed to an artist known as Lola Arias. However, Argentinian performance artist Lola Arias has accused Ruben Östlund of using her name without consent.

She told SVT: “Since the film’s premiere, curators, artists and journalists have asked me: ‘When did you make The Square?’ It has hurt my reputation as an artist because I am associated with an artwork that is not mine and that I dislike… I was shocked when I saw how they used my name without consent.”

However, Ruben Östlund refutes this allegation and maintains that Lola Arias was made well aware that her name would be used in the film: “I find it hard to understand how I would benefit by using her name, when she was completely unknown to me prior to filming. But I will not accuse Lola of anything, except perhaps a poor memory,”