Atle Antonsen Checks In To Grand Hotel For New Movie

Wednesday night marked the premiere of Atle Antonsen’s (Dag) new film Grand Hotel, in which he plays a vain alcoholic who checks in to a luxurious suite to write, and to die.

Alcoholic, washed-up author Axel Farstad (Atle Antonsen) learns that he has only 2-4 months left to live if he continues to drink. He decides to spend his remaining time at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, where he checks in to work on his latest book, and to die in solitude.

Meanwhile, the receptionist Hannah (Vera Vitali) has a problem: her ten-year-old son Noah (Håkon Bøhmer) who has Tourettes is not allowed on site. An unexpected solution emerges when it transpires that Axel cannot cover his credit card bill. Within a week a friendship develops between Noah and Axel that changes them both.

In an interview with TV2, Atle Antonsen is asked what he would do if he only had two months to live:

“It’s a questions that is very difficult to think about. I actually think I’d use the time to make the most of every day. I think that’s what most people would do. You probably wouldn’t want to spend your last few months travelling around the World, you’d probably rather spend time with family.”

“There has been more than enough fun, partying and travelling in my life, so I would probably pick the boring option.”

Grand Hotel opens in Norwegian cinemas on Friday 8th April 2016.