Atle Antonsen In Remake Of Norske Byggeklosser

Atle Antonsen (Dag) is set to play eleven different roles in the forthcoming remake of 1972 comedy classic Norske Byggeklosser (Opportunity Knocks), which he wrote together with director Arild Fröhlich.

The original film is as a parody of Norwegian bureaucracy, and revolves around frustrated home owner Olav Femte’s meetings with various difficult bureaucrats, neighbours and artisans. However, the new version will focus on renovation rather than building.

Arild Fröhlich told NRK: “A lot of what we have written about in this script, we have experienced ourselves or know that others have experienced… In particular, that living through the actual renovation, as our heroes here do, is not exactly healthy for a relationship. Especially when the architect moves into the attic.”

Norske Byggeklosser is currently being filmed at Leirsund in Skedsmo. The principal cast also includes Anders Baasmo Christiansen (Kon-Tiki) and Ine Jansen (Dag).