Bäckström – Season 2


Bäckström is first on the scene when celebrity lawyer Tomas Eriksson is murdered, though the police can’t initially rule Bäckström out as the killer since Eriksson was his archenemy. At the same time, new information about the victim’s love life is revealed.

Eriksson’s murder is proving difficult to solve, not least because Bäckström is suspended from the investigation and Ankan is forced to take over the investigation. Bäckström starts looking into the beating of Baron von Comer, and it seems that the cases may be connected.

An antique Russian music box made of gold depicting Pinocchio, worth around SEK 300 million, seems to be the motive behind the murders. Bäckström tries to trace down the previous owner of the music box so that he can get to the treasure himself.

Ankan begins to question Bäckström’s honesty. Eriksson has been hiding a big secret and now new light is being shed on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, Olsson risks ruining the entire investigation in a desperate attempt to impress Ankan.

Bäckström receives death threats and it seems that Tina is the only one who can help him. The police, led by Ankan and Olsson, are spying on Bäckström’s best friend in the hope of getting a crucial lead in the investigation. At the same time, G Gurra begins to act suspiciously.

Bäckström comes to the realisation that he must hand over Pinocchio to the Russians. The only problem is that he doesn’t know where the music box is. Ankan finally sees through Bäckström’s lies and their relationship is put to the test. Can they still solve the case?