Bäckström Season Two Begins Filming

C More has announced that the second season of hit crime drama Bäckström begins filming in Gothenburg this week, based on the novel The Sword Of Justice (Pinocchios näsa) by Leif G.W. Persson.

Murder isn’t often good news. But DS Evert Bӓckström (Kjell Bergqvist) can’t help but rejoice when he is told that Thomas Eriksson, a celebrity lawyer and his rival on the TV show Spaning, has been killed. However, Bäckström’s good mood is spoiled when he is assigned to the frustrating case and finds the list of people who wanted Eriksson dead is endless.

Fortunately, Bäckström shady associates prove invaluable in solving the crime. He discovers that the motive for the murder seems to revolve around a mythical music box created for Tsar Nicholas II depicting Pinocchio. It is made by Fabergé, worth SEK 300 million, and its path through the centuries is lined with mysterious deaths. But that doesn’t stop Bäckström from trying to get his hands on it…

The cast also includes Agnes Lindström Bolmgren as Bӓckström’s increasingly suspicious colleague Ankan Carlsson and Helen Sjöholm as PR genius Tina, alongside Elvis Stegmar, Jens Hultén, Pekka Strang, Filip Berg, Rolf Lydahl, Anders Mossling and Victoria Dyrstad.

Executive Producer, Niva Westlin Dahl, said: “It feels great to start work on a sequel. The creators have once again created the conditions for a colourful and surprising season. This time, the case is linked to a macabre music box, over which a curse seems to hang. The music box takes us on a journey in both time and space. Bäckström is still a swine with a big heart.”

Bäckström season two is slated to premiere on C More and TV4 in Spring 2022.