Bad Apples | Mädät omenat – Season 1

Onerva is taken to a mental institution on an island against her will. She is suspicious about the programme but Dr. Lundsten makes Onerva doubt her own sanity. Maybe there really is something wrong with her?

Lundsten continues the therapy with intruding questions about Onerva’s childhood. Ritva convinces Onerva to escape, but is it wise to trust a pathological liar? Onerva agrees to take part in the treatments.

Onerva gets hypnotised and is granted a home visit for her progress. However, she doesn’t remember much about the visit afterwards. She meets her former professor, who warns her about the treatments.

Director Parvilinna visits the island and Onerva tries to talk with her. Vera and Onerva find out that in reality there are no home visits. Vera confronts Lundsten. Soon a barn is being set on fire. Who gets the blame?

Onerva tries to get a word to Vera’s family that Vera has been isolated and drugged. Lundsten gets a breakthrough with Serafina, he manages to manipulate her memories.

Lundsten manages to make Onerva believe she is responsible for the death of a patient. Worried, Ritva tries to find a way get Onerva’s husband to the island to help Onerva.

uomas finds Onerva drugged and apathetic and wants to take her home. Lundsten makes Tuomas believe everything is fine. Ritva sees Lundsten’s manipulation in action and she gives Tuomas a lead to follow.

Tuomas realizes that he has made a huge mistake and goes back to the island with an inspector. Lundsten understands that his life work is in danger. Is it too late to save Onerva?