Badehotellet Returns For Season Six In 2019

On Monday evening, the fifth season of Badehotellet drew to a close on TV2 Danmark, and so has the first part of the story. However, writers Stig Thorsboe and Hanna Lundblad have revealed that it will return in 2019.

When we return to the Andersen Badehotel in Jutland for the sixth season next year, it will be the summer of 1939 and the spectre of World War II looms as the story moves on six years since we last met its employees and guests.

Stig Thorsboe and Hanna Lundblad said: “We are in the summer of 1939. The hotel is still there and the same guests still visit. Just like the maids we have come to know, although some may have new responsibilities.”

“But we are coming up to a very dramatic time, which will be challenging in a whole new way for the little beach hotel.”

“Whether the action continues beyond 1939, we don’t yet know. Like the first part, we take a season at a time. But we have a new story and we look forward to sharing it with viewers.”