Beck Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Four New Films

As Beck celebrates its 25th anniversary on screen, C More has begun shooting four new films (47-50) based on the characters created by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, in which Martin Beck (Peter Haber) wrestles not only with increasingly challenging murder cases but also with his personal life as grandson Vilhelm gets caught in the action.

Under the leadership of Alex Beijer, the Beck Group is the same; Oskar, Jenny, Ayda, Steinar and Josef. The police unit works closely and efficiently together, but there are clouds of unrest. Has Alex come to terms with her past? Does Josef fit into the group? Can Steinar contribute when they need him the most? And the newly appointed Säpo chief Klas Fredén continues to show up where he is not supposed to and gets involved in investigations that he has nothing to do with.

Meanwhile, Vilhelm Beck, who has just started his internship as a police officer on patrol, ends up in hot water due to a sense of duty that reminds Martin Beck of his own younger days. Much to his mother Inger’s annoyance, this commitment and dedication to the law seems to run in the family.

Cast members returning for this season include Kristofer Hivju as Steinar, Jennie Silfverhjelm as Alex Beijer, Martin Wallström as Josef, Måns Nathanaelson as Oskar, Anna Asp as Jenny, Elmira Arikan as Ayda, Jonas Karlsson as Klas Fredén and Valter Skarsgård as Vilhelm Beck.

Executive producer, Niva Westlin Dahl, said: “That the Beck films only continue to increase in popularity is absolutely fantastic. We see that an increasingly younger demographic are joining the world of Beck, which is an extremely positive trend that we hope will continue.”