Beck Returns To C More For Christmas Premiere

Beck will return to C More on 25th December in the first of four new films, Beck 43: A New Life (Ett nytt liv), with Peter Haber returning as the iconic detective created by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö. The story picks things up from where The Prodigal Son (Den förlorade sonen) ended with viewers uncertain as to whether Martin would survive the operating table, but will he be able to continue as a detective?

A body is found floating in the water near Liljeholmen belonging to a 39-year-old Danish citizen with a criminal record and a member of a notorious Danish drug gang. The Danish cartel has been significantly weakened since a major operation sent many high-ranking officials to prison, and now it seems the Swedes want to take over. The Beck team might just have a gang war on their hands.

Meanwhile, to the annoyance of his daughter, Inger, Martin Beck is back with his team rather than taking it easy. Martin wants to live more and not less and is proud that his grandson Vilhelm (Valter Skarsgård) has decided to follow in his footsteps by joining the Police Academy, although Inger is horrified at the very thought.

Cast members returning for this season include Kristofer Hivju as Steinar, Jennie Silfverhjelm as Alex Beijer, Martin Wallström as Josef, Måns Nathanaelson as Oskar, Anna Asp as Jenny, Elmira Arikan as Ayda and Jonas Karlsson as Klas Fredén.

Executive Producer, Niva Westin Dahl, said: “It will be a bit like an extra Christmas present for all Beck fans. I can’t think of anything better than curling up on the sofa with a brand new Beck film on the 25th when the Christmas rush has died down. Its really nice that the entire Beck group is reunited and this season they are facing more complex cases and also major private challenges.”