Beck: The Last Day To Premiere This Weekend On C More

In the last of eight new Beck films to premiere exclusively on C More which will air 2nd April, we encounter a disillusioned Martin Beck who is thinking about his future when he his presented with yet another difficult case.

Two traffic officers on a quiet morning shift try to stop a car for speeding. When the car finally pulls over, the driver gets out and shoots at them, killing one of the officers in cold blood. A national alert is issued and an extensive search for the ruthless killer begins, with the Beck group at the lead.

Neither the officer’s shocked and wounded colleague nor any of the witnesses have seen anything helpful to the police. Finally, they find the car registration number using a surveillance camera. But, when they enter the car owner’s apartment, they find him shot to death.

In their review, Expressen notes:

“Peter Haber continues to shine in the role that he made his own long ago… The opposite of Beck’s energy is Steinar Hovland who has development potential and feels like a natural centre if the film series were to continue… If this contrast is the last of the Beck films as we know them in modern times, then it is a worthy conclusion.”

Beck: The Last Day will premiere on C More First at 9:30pm on Saturday 2nd April.