Beck’s Daughter: Enough Cut Scenes To Make A Film

Rebecka Hemse, who has played Martin Beck’s daughter in the Beck films for almost 20 years, says that there are enough deleted scenes of her to fill a feature film.

Hemse told Expressen that her scenes are often left out of Beck: “It’s because I’m not involved in the cases or offences… You could probably cut together a pretty solid feature of all the deleted scenes that I’ve been in.”

“I’m not a priority, and they need to get on with the story and solve the case. But I’m so used to this happening that I don’t usually feel particularly offended or sad if it happens… It’s always handled in a very nice way.”

The future of the Beck franchise remains uncertain at this time, but rumours are circulating that a spin-off is in the works for Mikael Persbrandt to reprise his role as Gunvald Larsson.