Beck’s Kristofer Hivju Has Good Ideas 70% Of The Time

Mikael Persbrandt’s beloved character Gunvald Larsson was written out of Beck in the last episode, destined for his own spin off. On February 6th we meet his successor, Steinar, played by Norwegian Kristofer Hivju.

“Kristofer’s very fun to work with. He is ambitious,” says director, Mårten Klingberg. “He has many thoughts and writes himself, so he has many ideas right from the outset.”

“I would say that he comes with ten ideas of which eight are good. Or, okay, seven at least… Sometimes it is hard work with actors who do not just do what you say, but that’s fine with the creative resistance.”

“It is important to keep a cool head, think through whether it is a good change. But I think it’s great when you get input from the actors.”

Hivju’s character is described as a “modern, empathetic representative for Oslo police”. This is in stark contrast to Gunvald Larsson, who was somewhat lacking in interpersonal skills and whose forthright approach to police work led to many confrontations.

Beck: Steinar premieres February 6th 2016 on C More.