Before We Die Confirmed For Second Season

SVT has revealed to Expressen that Before We Die (Innan vi dör) will return in Autumn 2019 for an eight-part second season, with Adam Pålsson and Marie Richardson confirmed to reprise their roles.

In the first season, police officer Hanna Svensson’s lover and colleague disappears during an undercover operation involving criminal biker gangs. Hanna takes over SMS contact with his mole, and soon realises the extent of the investigation: a brutal and diabolical plan to take over the underworld.

By the end, Christian was forced to flee abroad after his infiltration of the Mimica family, and Hanna was ordered to find the leak in the Organised Crime Unit. But as season two opens, Hanna has traced the leak, which leads her in a frightening direction, and Christian suddenly reappears in Stockholm.

Marie Richardson told Expressen: “It will be incredibly exciting to re-enter Hanna and Christian’s world and see how they move on with their relationship… I have read the synopsis for season two and it’s a brilliant and exciting plot. No one will be disappointed.”

Filming for season two of Before We Die, written by Niklas Rockström and Wilhelm Berman, is slated to begin in September. It premieres Autumn 2019 on SVT, but with Viaplay now onboard as co-producer it will also be available to stream on their service shortly thereafter.