Before We Die | Innan Vi Dör – Season 2


Hanna is desperately looking for The Leak within the police department. This is done to get Christian, who is hiding from the Mimicas, home. Dubravka Mimica sells The Leak, but Hanna doesn’t know to whom. She and Björn start looking into it, and Hanna manages to pressure Jovan Mimica into helping her. Hanna is crossing the line ever more, as she puts other people at enormous risk. The question is if she is even prepared to let people die on the way.

The Leak, Magnus, has discovered that he has been sold, and in order to buy his freedom, he does everything he can to find Christian. That Christian has returned makes it more difficult for Hanna to guarantee his safety. Hanna faces a dilemma where she once again has to put him at great risk; will she allow him to become an infiltrator again? And once again, throw him into the fire? Christian, who was forced to leave Costa Rica, is plagued by his memories from there and Hanna notices that he is difficult to control.

Dubravka Mimica gets word that her daughter Blanka has returned and begins looking for her. Blanka is pregnant with Christian’s child, and Hanna is keeping her hidden. But how long can she keep this a secret from Christian? Christian takes the first step into the secret Circle, which shows itself to be lethal. He meets Lena, the brains behind it all; will he be able to pass her test to join The Circle? It is like walking across a minefield; one false step and he is done for.

Hanna and Björn know that Magnus is the Leak, but he has disappeared without a trace and seems impossible to find. Hanna wants Christian to quit now that they know who the Leak is. Christian refuses, continues his work as an infiltrator, crossing boundaries in order to get closer to Lena. But during a job with Lasse Wiking he risks discovery, as his past catches up to him. Hanna is forced to allow herself to be dragged into the gang for answers, will she pull it off?

Magnus has been murdered, and the people behind his death are stronger than everyone else. But who are they? Hanna discloses her true relationship with Jan to Björn, who helps Hanna adjust to the truth. Christian’s pushing of boundaries in his work begins to wear on him; can he hide this from Lena who sees through everything? Blanka knows that Christian is back and Hanna worries that Blanka can’t be trusted. The Mimicas are starting to realise where Christian is, which puts everyone in danger.

The Mimicas are a huge threat, and Christian becomes obsessed with finding out if Davor has returned. Now Hanna and Björn have to handle not just them, but also The Circle and the new organisation they don’t know anything about as yet. Lena is forced to follow orders from higher-ups in order to save Christian. Hanna looks into what Christian was actually doing in Costa Rica; did he lie about his role there? But Hanna’s lies also collapse like a house of cards, leading to dire consequences.

With the help of Dubravka Mimica, Jan manages to put two and two together about who Christian really is. But how will he handle this new information? Hanna now knows that Christian was a criminal in Costa Rica, but she can’t confront him because he is unreachable. Björn has also vanished without a trace. Lena tries to find a way out of the vice grip, and wants to run away with Christian – but is that what he wants? Hanna can tell that Christian is slipping out of her hands, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Hanna runs for her life after the attack, and is named as its perpetrator – who will believe her and whom can she trust? Lena knows the truth about Christian, but she is hopelessly in love with him. The question is if they can escape with their lives. Will Christian choose her over his mother and Blanka? Björn and Blanka have been captured by the Mimicas. They fight for their own survival, trying to escape.