Before We Die Likely To Return For A Second Season

Aftonbladet reports that Before We Die (Innan vi dör), which averaged 1.3 million viewers across its first season on SVT, is likely to return for a second season.

In Before We Die, police officer Hanna Svensson’s lover and colleague disappears during an undercover operation involving criminal biker gangs. Hanna takes over SMS contact with his mole, and soon realises the extent of the investigation: a brutal and diabolical plan to take over the underworld.

Series writer, Niklas Rockström, told Aftonbladet: “The likelihood is increased because the viewing figures were so high. I think there is a general willingness from both the writers and SVT to make a second season. So the chances are good.”

“We all agree that we have material that is good enough… I don’t want to talk about the content of a second season, but it is frustrating that Hanna still doesn’t know who the departmental leak is. The audience knows who it is, but Hanna does not.”

However, fans of the show will have to be patient for now. It can take over two years to produce a show of this kind from script outline through to the finished product so, even if a second season is greenlit, it is unlikely to air before 2019.

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