Bergman Revisited To Premiere At Göteborg 2018

2018 will mark Ingmar Bergman’s 100th anniversary and, to celebrate the occasion, the Swedish Film Institute and SVT have launched the Bergman Revisited initiative. Six short films by some of Sweden’s most prominent directors are to be made in the spirit of Bergman and each will be granted SEK 1 million in funding.

Helena Ingelsten, Producer at SVT Short Film, says: “Everyone has their own experience of Bergman, or certainly has had at some point. With Bergman Revisited we are updating the director for the modern age.”

“There will be traces of him in the films from some of today’s most interesting active directors and artists. A new generation is being given the chance to discover Bergman, and an older generation can see him in a new guise.”

Bergman Revisited will premiere on 30th January 2018 at the Göteborg Film Festival, and then be broadcast on SVT in summer 2018. The films are:

Ariel (Linus Tunström)
A girl is born with wings. When Filip and Anna discover that their daughter is not like others, they react in diametrically different ways. Anna sees it as a miracle, Filip as a stigma. Must one cut all ties with the magical to survive as an adult?

Bergmans Reliquarium (Tomas Alfredson)
Bergmans Reliquarium is a visual association play looking into Bergman’s most sacred secrets.

Guds tystnad (Lisa Aschan)
Lisa Aschan and Isabel Cruz Liljegren are inspired by The Silence (Tystnaden) but swap Bergman’s vision for their own. Magnetic love and sapphic relations are promised when Ester and Anna break their silence.

Infektionen (Patrik Eklund)
We enter straight into the action where married couple Krister and Kristina Carnemo are seeing marriage counsellor Miriam. The small annoyances so characteristic of their relationship recently have become increasingly palpable, and they leave the clinic full of doubts.

Knölen (Jane Magnusson)
A film about Bergman’s best side.

Scener ur natten (Pernilla August)
She and he meet on an archipelago boat for a weekend of love. To date they have been in complete agreement about their secret relationship, but the night on the deserted island changes everything.