Berlinale To Premiere TV2’s Splitting Up Together

The first two episodes of new TV2 comedy Splitting Up Together (Bedre skilt end aldrig) are to premiere as part of the Berlinale Special Series in February, with its TV2 debut in Denmark on March 7th 2016.

Line (Maria Rossing) and Martin (Peter Plaugborg) have it all. Good job, lovely children, lovely friends, house, garden and a cat that comes home to shit. But their love has dwindled and their sex life is non-existent, so Line decides that they are getting a divorce.

Unfortunately, the house is impossible to sell. They owe almost a million more than it’s worth. So they decide to remain together until the housing market turns around. They are fairly good friends don’t want to be without the kids, so they choose to look on the bright side and embark on a happy divorce.

The Berlin Film Festival will take place from February 11th to 21st 2016.