Best Opening Weekend In 15 Years For Danish Conspiracy

A Conspiracy of Faith, the latest in the Department Q series of films based on books by Jussi Adler-Olsen, has set a box office record for the modern era and enjoyed the biggest opening weekend for a Danish film in fifteen years.

In A Conspiracy of Faith, two siblings disappear. At the same time an 8 year old message in a bottle arrives at Copenhagen Police Headquarters with a cry for help from an imprisoned boy.

Carl Mørck and his assistant Assad from Department Q realise that there is a connection between the two cases. They find their way into a religious society and discover a man with a history of kidnapping and murder.

These murders were never reported, because he kidnaps two children from very religious families, kills one them and then demands silence and a large ransom in return for the other child.

154,215 tickets were sold in the four-day opening weekend for A Conspiracy Of Faith, following on from the other Department Q films, Keeper of Lost Causes (2013) and The Absent One (2014), which also star in the top five best opening weekends since 2010.

Anja & Viktor did exceed this record in 2001 with 157,305 tickets sold, but at that time the definition of a Danish opening weekend amounted to just three days – in 2010 it was extended to four, with opening day moving from Friday to Thursday.

Best Opening Weekends Since 2010:

2016. A Conspiracy Of Faith. 154,215
2010. Klown. 140,302
2015. Klown Forever. 133,299
2014. The Absent One. 131,480
2013. Keepers of Lost Causes. 120,522
2013. The Hunt. 119,349
2014. The Reunion 2. 114,416
2015. Men & Chicken. 91,326
2012. This Life. 87,542
2012. All You Need Is Love. 87,427