Black Widows – Season 1


Best friends Rebecka, Johanne and Kira are enjoying a weekend at a summer cottage in Norway with their husbands. The men board a fishing boat and leave their wives behind on the shore. As the boat sails into the distance, it explodes. Back on the pier, the three women raise their champagne flutes.

The widows clear the house of bomb traces before the police arrive. Rebekah is pushed into a romantic dinner, and Rami’s questions about the bag of money makes her fear for her daughter’s life. Jesper hides at a dodgy bar at the harbour while trying to figure out what to do next.

Rami’s death is being investigated by Inspector Lundgren who doesn’t welcome the help of Norwegian colleague Vesselö. Lundgren wants to close the case as suicide but Vesselö is not so convinced. Rebekah, Kira and Johanne decide to hide the bag of money at Rebekah’s mother’s house. However, Kira borrows some money from the bag.

It is the funeral for Jesper, Svein and Johan and the widows are doing their best to look sad. Rebekah’s daughter Lisa hugs the empty coffin and says that she saw her father alive, but no one believes her. Johanne tries to sort out the family business finances but finds that the accounts at STB have been frozen.

Rebekah is still in shock from seeing Jesper alive. She tries to tell the widows but is worried about how they might want to solve the situation. Rebecka finds Jesper in tears. He tells her that Medico killed his colleagues, and that he must remain out of sight. Rebecka keeps Jesper’s reappearance a secret. Johanne finds out about Medico.

Johanne has no idea that she is in danger when she negotiates with Pharmateca. She also learns that her friend Kira had an affair with her husband’s son, and that Rebekah’s husband, Jesper, is still alive. Kira and Johanne find Jesper and plan to kill him again, but only Johanne seems eager to actually do it.

Rebekah has ended up in a love triangle, with her husband Jesper still alive, and new lover Stefan can’t understand why she is so hesitant. Rebecka rushes over to Jesper’s place to stop Johanne before it is too late.

Johanne has a gun pointed at her and is in mortal danger. Rebekah is still in two minds as to whether she should go back to Jesper or if he really has changed. Kira is very jealous and drunkenly calls Jesper to tell him that Rebecka tried to kill him.