Black Widows – Season 2


The widows toast becoming smuggling queens, but danger lurks around the corner at the cottage by the water. A dramatic shooting marks the beginning of a new tricky situation as they do their best to lay low. Together, the widows try to save Rebecka’s father’s company (STB) and struggle to find new sources of income. They are saved when they find IT genius Axel, but the question is whether the plan will hold.

The widows have a mysterious man after them and he has a deadly mission. Kira, who doesn’t realise his motives, is immediately attracted to him. The smuggling operation seems to be running smoothly, but is anything really risk free? The police are hacking them when one of their own is murdered.

The widows become desperate when one of their drug trucks is stolen. They try to find the culprit and deal with them, but end up drawing Alex into the crisis.

A mysterious ring leads to strange places and a ruthless man. The widows keep finding themselves in bizarre and dangerous situations, but it looks like death might be the only way out for them this time. Their salvation comes in the form of an unexpected angel.

What will happen to Rebecka? Kira goes takes a trip with Jesus, but doesn’t expect to be taken back to the scene of a murder. Meanwhile, the police take hold of Johanne, and Alex reveals the extent of their smuggling operations.

Rebecka needs help and seeks out yoga guru Loa to feel safe, but can he really protect her? Kira finds out about Jesus’ secret, but can she keep it? The truth about Rebecca’s uncle draws near, but it turns out to be a dangerous way to go. The widows are betrayed by someone close, and it ends in even more murders.

Jesus refuses to give up until he has revenge on his brother. Rebecka is stuck with yoga guru Loa – poisoned and unconscious. The police continue their search and finally find the crucial clue they were looking for at the summer cottage.