Blackport Wins 2022 Nordic Screenplay Prize

Blackport (Verbúðin) has been crowned winner of the 6th Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize, which recognises outstanding writing in television drama, against strong competition from The Shift (Det største), Transport, Countrymen (Jordbrukerne) and Vi i villa.

Inspired by true events, Blackport opens in the early 1980s when the fishing industry was booming in Iceland and follows a young married couple who build a small fishing empire along with a group of friends, but see their livelihoods threatened when the government starts enforcing restrictive fishing quotas.

The jury said in their deliberation: “Dramatic, funny and unpredictable, without losing its original voice, the winner is a show that has strong emotional stakes and a lead character ahead of her time. She refuses to play by the rules, just like this series is not afraid to push narrative boundaries, balancing between existentialism and comedy.”

The NOK 200,000 (€20,000) prize, which was won last year by Maja Jul Larsen for Cry Wolf (Ulven kommer), will be shared by Blackport writers Gísli Örn Gardarsson, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson and Mikael Torfason.