Blinded | Fartblinda – Season 1


Bea Farkas, finance reporter at The Daily Post, has a secret relationship with the CEO of ST Bank, Peder Rooth. She realises that this conflicts with her professional role, but she can’t help herself. Peder is married with children. She receives a tip that the bank is covering up serious problems.

Bea’s investigation proves that the tip is real. Despite having serious reservations about investigating the man she loves, Bea digs deeper. In her eagerness to get to the truth, Bea crosses the line. Peder realises that Bea has gone behind his back.

Bea continues her investigation, and with the help of her friend, Adam Berg, who works at ST Bank, she gains access to documents that can prove the bank is cooking the books. Meanwhile, Peder tries to clean up the bank’s problems before Bea reveals them. But his head of trading, Henrik Beijer, is taking huge risks and the problems only get worse.

Bea works out that the documents show the bank has overvalued its assets by two billion, but she encounters heavy resistance. In order to fix his dire financial situation, Bea’s colleague Thulin has agreed to help Peder.

Peder tries to stop Bea, but she manages to disclose her findings. The bank closes its trading division to appease its critics. Chairman Otto Rehnskiöld convinces Peder to place the blame on Henrik Beijer, but it’s not enough. The Financial Supervisory Authority moves in and starts its own investigation.

The Financial Supervisory Authority’s investigation leads to the bank losing its license. In a desperate attempt to save the bank from bankruptcy, they try to sell it one chaotic weekend, but fail. Many employees are ruined because their employee convertible notes have become worthless. One of them is Adam Berg.

Bea is plagued by feelings of guilt. After a misstep with Peder, she decides to give up journalism. The Economic Crime Authority starts a preliminary investigation of Peder Rooth and Otto Rehnskiöld. Beijer turns out to have recorded a conversation that can land Peder in prison. Otto sends his henchman Waltin to recover the recording.

Bea returns to work to find out what happened to Beijer. Her inquiries point to Otto. Otto, feeling the noose being tightened, orders Waltin to stop Bea, for good.