Blue Eyes | Blå ögon – Season 1


1. Let The Party Begin
As a general election draws near, the disappearance of the chief of staff at the Justice Department, and the murder of a controversial candidate have dramatic consequences for Swedish politics and for the safety of the country’s citizens.

2. A Thousand Pinpricks
The more Elin investigates her predecessor disappearance, the more she is convinced that something terrible has happened to her. Annika’s far-right political party sees her murder as an opportunity to win new sympathies and votes, and to maximise publicity assigns its spokesman Olle Nordlof the task of recruiting Annika’s children, Sofia and Simon. Meanwhile, the Nazi terrorist cell Veritas emerges from obscurity to carry out a series of co-ordinated attacks, leaving the whole nation in shock.

3. Ashes To Ashes
Annika’s murder and the co-ordinated night of terror attacks by Veritas leave the government gripped by crisis and confusion. Olle reaches out to Sofia and Simon offering to pay for their mother’s funeral – without revealing his political agenda. Elin discovers that Sarah’s application for leave has been falsified and the trail leads back to the Justice Department. Sofia seeks comfort from social media and stumbles upon a xenophobic chat forum that blames immigrants for her mother’s murder.

4. Migratory Birds
All of a sudden Elin gets a call that changes everything – a terrified Sarah wants to arrange a secret meeting. Janina confronts Olle and Kristoffer when a large amount of money is missing from the campaign funds. Olle lies and denies all knowledge of the missing money. In Ludvika Sofia spends more and more time on xenophobic online chat forums, revealing confidential information about Veritas terror attacks that Mattias told her in confidence. This does not go unnoticed.

5. Care Home
Simon realises that the move to Stockholm isn’t the fresh start Sofia promised, reluctantly finding himself getting irrevocably involved with Veritas, while Elin grows increasingly unsure about whether her friend Max can be trusted. The director of a private company providing care homes is abducted by the terrorist cell as she sets off for work, and a video showing her surrounded by its members is later published on the internet. In the same recording Veritas proclaims itself to be a frontline force in the war to protect Swedish values.

6. My Parents’ Lies
The appalling execution of the health care director sends shockwaves across the whole nation. When Mattias and Sofia try to get rid of the body they are spotted by the secret police and the hunt for Mattias begins. Olle confesses to Janina that he actually did give Sofia money, and voices his concern that Sofia might have joined Veritas. Elin’s flat is broken into and searched. She suspects that the perpetrators were looking for a controversial uranium document now in her possession. At the same time she gets a call from the Minister of the Environment, he has found CCTV footage of the mystery person signing Sarah´s false application for leave.

7. The Earthquake
With only a few days left until the election the police have strong reasons to believe that Veritas is planning a major terror attack. But where and when? Meanwhile Elin struggles to understand why Gunnar has been lying and covering up evidence about Sarah´s disappearance. Gustav is furious about all the media and police attention that Mattias has attracted. This can seriously endanger their plans. Olle turns up unexpectedly at Veritas’ hide out, looking for Sofia.

8. The Surge
In the middle of a press conference, held at the Government Offices, the journalists’ phones suddenly start to beep simultaneously. In seconds it dawns to everybody that Veritas has executed another terror attack. What is the target of the attack? And is it linked to the kidnapping of the five-year-old son of Magnus, deputy head of security at the Stockholm Stock Exchange, earlier that day?

9. The Wake
Trapped together with Mattias at Veritas hideout Sofia tends to his wounds. An unsettling feeling torments her, Simon and her son, Love, should be here by now. Could it be that the rest of the group knows something she doesn’t. Elin is contacted by an unexpected party who suggests a collaboration that will benefit them both, but can this new ally be trusted? The police finally identify Gustav through the CCTV pictures from the Stock Exchange. He is now the most wanted man in Sweden.

10. A Sunday In September
After the attack on the Stock Exchange and the cold-blooded murder of Rebecca a battered nation goes to the polls. Both the Conservative Party and the far right are concerned about the outcome of the election. Elin and Gunnar struggle to put the final pieces of the puzzle together, they are about to uncover one of the most corrupt and scandalous political conspiracies this nation ever known. Simon tries to return to the life he once had in Ludvika, but the past catches up with him when Sofia shows up.