Bonus Family | Bonusfamiljen – Season 1


Lisa proposes a joint birthday party for her son together with the son of her new partner Partik, and also wants to invite their respective exes Katja and Martin, but her idea is not well received. But you can’t make everyone happy in a situation bursting with jealousy and bitterness.

Martin wants to buy an apartment so that the children won’t have to stay in their grandmother’s boxroom, but is refused a bank loan. William finds a new friend in his mother Katja’s work colleague Henrik, who she reluctantly agrees to have a meal with. Lisa starts to have second thoughts about her pregnancy.

Lisa and Patrik decide to hold a weekly family meeting, where everyone gets the chance to have their say. Eddie’s obnoxious behaviour forces Patrik to seek help from the school counsellor. Martin reluctantly agrees to go to the pub with Sebbe, and Katja stays late at work with Henrik.

Martin has back problems and is convinced that it is serious. This has consequences for Lisa and Patrik when Martin asks them to take the children for a week. Meanwhile, Martin buys a snake for Eddie, but Patrik has a phobia of them.

Martin still feels sure that he is seriously ill. Lisa and Patrik get an invitation to a neighbour’s Halloween party, but are not excited about going because the couple are also friends of Martin. Old and new feelings erupt, and Katja has to stay late at work so reluctantly asks Henrik to babysit William.

Bianca has a boyfriend and Lisa thinks that Patrik should be more involved. Sebbe teaches Martin the latest in body care and dating. Martin and Tessan try to have sex at his workplace but are interrupted by a security guard, and Katja and Henrik kiss for the first time.

Martin invites Tessan home for for sex but is interrupted by his mother. Lisa is concerned about Bianca spending the night with her boyfriend and visits the boyfriend’s parents. Henrik wants to take the relationship with Katja to a new level, and Patrik is summoned to the school where he makes a fool of himself.

Katja’s boss Micael is not happy about her relationship with Henrik. Truths are revealed when Bianca visits her grandmother Birgitta, and there is friction when Patrik’s father Ingemar comes to visit.

Preparations are underway for Christmas, and Lisa wants to celebrate it with the whole family, but meets opposition from Katja. Patrik is convinced that Eddie has ADHD and wants him to be evaluated, but Lisa refuses. As Christmas nears, cracks begin to show in the bonus family.

Lisa and Patrik have taken a weekend trip, but the atmosphere is cool. How difficult can it be to sign divorce papers? While they are away, Bianca has a big party so is grounded. William misses Henrik and can’t understand why he and his mom have stopped seeing each other.