Bonus Family | Bonusfamiljen – Season 2


Lisa and Patrik decide to marry in secret. But their plans are revealed and soon the impending wedding has consequences for the entire bonus family.

Lisa and Martin find out that a group of parents at Eddie’s school are planning a meeting to get rid of Eddie, who was diagnosed with ADHD in the summer. Patrik, being a school teacher, gets involved without Lisa’s knowledge.

Patrik and Lisa’s finances are proving a little tight and Patrik is worried that Lisa won’t earn enough while he is on paternity leave. Patrik also discovers that there is money missing from his wallet.

Lisa and Patrik’s baby Lo is involved in a little accident, but Lisa lies to Patrik about what really happened. When Patrik finds out the truth through Lisa’s older sister Emma, he is furious and demands that Lisa be honest with him in future.

Lisa’s sister Emma knows that Lisa has been harbouring a secret since Bianca’s birth. Emma confronts Lisa, believing that two blue-eyed parents couldn’t possibly have a brown-eyed child. Lisa denies this but is obviously shaken.

Emma, who has temporarily moved in with Patrik and Lisa, tries to persuade Lisa to tell Bianca who her dad really is. Lisa feels under pressure and wants Emma to move out. When Lisa thinks that Emma has also spoken to Martin about Bianca, she realises that she must talk to him.

Lisa is pressured into talking to Bianca about her real dad before Martin can do it. But when she tells her, Bianca drives off in the family car. A panicked Lisa involves the entire bonus family in search of Bianca and soon everyone knows her secret.

Patrik and Lisa have come to a deep crisis of trust and meet in therapy to try and figure things out. Patrik is staying with a neighbour and applies for a new job at the school. Lisa tries to repair the damage done by her secret, but this leads to a big fight with Emma, who moves in with Martin.

Patrik’s father comes up to support him in his hour of need. Lisa is reconciled with Martin, who briefly believes they might get back together. With the help of Martin and Bigge, Lisa and Bianca are reconciled. Patrik doesn’t get the job he wanted, but makes up with Lisa and moves back home.

A couple of months later. William invites his parents and Henrik to lunch and suggests that he should live with them all on rotation every three weeks. Martin has a fight with Bigge, who ends up in hospital. Bigge and Gugge get married, and Lisa realises that she is pregnant again.