Bonus Family | Bonusfamiljen – Season 4


Patrik and Lisa are struggling with the everyday logistics of running a large bonus family. Little Buster, who has Down syndrome, begins speech therapy but Patrik fails to turn to support Lisa. An incident at school causes Patrik to lose patience. Sima gets tired of Eddie going home for lunch so empties the fridge. Katja’s mother is in hospital after an accident and Katja is the next of kin.

Patrik has to deal with the consequences of the incident at school and the fact that the a video clip of it has gone viral. Martin and Sima are forced to move in with Bigge and Danny while the apartment is cleaned up. Katja’s mother, Louise, wants contact with her daughter and doesn’t really seem to be herself, but Katja doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

Patrik, who is now unemployed, home alone with the children. Bianca shows up and comes up with some quasi-psychological tips. Patrik meets a girl and her son in the playground and it turns out that they have something in common. Martin is having a hard time because Eddie wants to live full time with Lisa and Sima intends to stay in Malmö until the clean-up is complete. Louise disappears so Katja and Henrik set out in search of her.

Lisa realises that Martin is not going to celebrate Christmas with Eddie and Bianca this year, so decides on hosting a mini Christmas for the whole bonus family a few days before Christmas Eve. Neither Patrik nor Martin are overjoyed. Katja accompanies Louise to a dementia appointment and realises that things don’t look good. William entrusts Louise with his plans to change schools and she promises not to tell Katja.

Patrik forges exciting career plans together with his new friend Elin who has the same commitment to Down syndrome issues. Lisa falls ill and is forced to enlist the help of both Eddie and Jens to try to land an important job assignment. Williams’ bonus dad Henrik invites William on a weekend trip to London and Patrik becomes sotis. Katja and Louise get a difficult message and Danny sends Bigge on a blind date.

Louise’s dementia is rapidly getting worse and she is no longer able to live on her own so, while waiting for a place in a nursing home, she has to move in with Katja and Henrik. Martin and Sima’s apartment renovation is finally complete, but nothing turns out how they imagined. Patrik has avoided Elin and closed down the book project. When they run into each other by chance, both feel that friendship is too important to lose and that they are old enough to just be friends.

Patrik goes to Jan to try to figure out what he really feels and wants. Jan encourages him to tell Lisa the truth, but Patrik hesitates. William happens to see a text message that was not meant for him and becomes extremely angry and disappointed with his father. Martin realises that he loves Sima more than anything and is ready to make a radical change in his life to save the relationship.

Patrik is thrown out and ends up sleeping on the sofa at Filip’s house. He tries to talk to Lisa but she is too angry and sad to listen to his poor explanations. Katja and Henrik help Louise settle into the nursing home, but she doesn’t understand why she has to move and would rather stay with her daughter. Martin is down and feeling sorry for himself after being dumped by Sima and not even Bigge can handle him.